January 14th, 2010

festivids (credit: charmax)

Festivids 2009 Masterlist (now with reveals)

Festivids is live!

Please leave a thank-you note for your gift-giver(s) when you get the opportunity. If you defaulted, you probably still have a gift, and your gift-giver would also appreciate hearing from you. (In the rare case that you defaulted and were also defaulted on, I did not assign a pinch hit for you, however.) Vidders, if you don't hear from your recipient immediately, keep in mind some people may not be available at golive (work, different time zone, etc.); it's worth checking their blog (if they have one) to see if they have left a note for you.

Vids' links are alphabetized by fandom, then title, with a note made of the recipient. You can open up the full post, and then do a search for your signup name; alternatively, you can click on your name among the "recipient" tags (e.g. I would be under "r: yhlee" in fv_poster if I had signed up). Note that some recipients have more than one gift vid, so make sure to look for them all!

Thank you to the volunteers, vidders, pinch hitters, and other supporters for making this a reality!

ETA: Festivids chatroom. Come join, if you like!

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