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Gift for lilly-the-kid by yinetime (21/22 Jump Street - Jump Street movies)

Title of vid: Swagger Like Us
Recipient: lilly-the-kid
Vidder: yinetime
Fandom: 21/22 Jump Street - Jump Street movies
Music: Paper Planes by MIA
Summary: I made two videos for lilly_the_kid, both fulfilling the same request, but very different stylistically! This one was what I had in mind all along for Jump Street, so it was more fulfilling my own wish! It is voiceover heavy, which lilly_the_kid wrote she does not like, so the other one is voiceover free! I thought I'd still give it to her anyways, and anyone can watch it :)

PS I apologize for the small line on the side. I rendered both videos multiple times and it's still there. I fixed it for the signed version.
Content notes: Inappropriate Language
Signed length: 02:13
Signed URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnvbq_faq0y

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Tags: !2016, f: jump street movies, r: lilly-the-kid
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