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Gift for lilly-the-kid by bingeling (Bud Spencer/Terence Hill movies)

Title of vid: Old Hearts
Recipient: lilly-the-kid
Vidder: bingeling
Fandom: Bud Spencer/Terence Hill movies
Music: Old Hearts by Benjamin Booker
Summary: When the fiends of the world are calling, will you be my friend?
Footage from "God Forgives, I don't", "Ace High", "Go For It" and "Crime Busters"
Content notes: No standardized notes apply
Password: Festividz!
Signed length: 01:38
Signed URL: http://bingeling.dreamwidth.org/543922.html

Excuse me sister

Thought I heard you call my name

Though we share the same mother

I know things ain’t been the same

When the fiends of the world are calling

Will you be my friend, my friend, my friend

And it’s hard to see you dying

When I’m feeling so alive

Saw a chorus of angels

Singing songs about old hearts

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Tags: !2016, f: bud spencer and terence hill movies, r: lilly-the-kid
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